5 Pack Orthopliers by Manuel Román Draw!

Invistart.com is holding a Draw of a set of OrthoPliers within the atendants to the 5th SEDA Annual Congress

Alicates Orthopliers by Manuel Roman

Taking Part is really Simple

Both our current registered doctors AND those who still havent registered yet can participate in this draw. These are the 3 simple steps you need to follow to get your chance to win.

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If you havent signed in lately, now is the moment. Just sign in to the platform so we can know you're still alive and around with us and that you want to take part in the draw ;-) If you're new to Invistart.com you will be able to log in once you finish your registration, including the email confirmation step (don't forget about that, check your spam folder just in case)

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Ishida in iPad Ishida in iPad

YDM Pliers for Aligners Orthopliers by Dr. Manuel Román

Set of 5 different pliers for Invisible Orthodontics, designed by Dr. Manuel Román and manufactured by YDM. The set includes the following pliers: Román I Circle Cutter Smooth, Román II Horizontal Box Smooth, Román III Vertical Box Smooth, Román IV Pearl Dot Smooth y Román V Keyhole Cutter Smooth

Alicates Orthopliers Alicates Orthopliers Alicates Orthopliers Alicates Orthopliers Alicates Orthopliers
Take Part in the Draw!

And Remember: just three Easy Steps

Sign Up (if you haven´t already), Sign In at invistart.com follow us at our Social Networks and you´re done. Just that easy.


Terms & Conditions for the Draw

In this section you will find answers to your doubts about the Draw invistart.com is holding of a set of 5 Orthopliers by Manuel Román

Who can Participate?

Any Odontologic Doctor who's registered to attend to the 5th SEDA Congress can take part in this draw, while it fulfills all the abovementioned conditions and has no legal limitations that prevent him or her to take part in such kind of draws or to receive the price

What do you need to do to take part?

To take part in the draw is mantadory to be registered (Sign Up) at invistart.com (by properly filling up the signup form at Sign Up at Invistart and confirming the request through the link received by email), having signed in (login) during the month of September 2020 (between the 1st and the 30th both included) and to follow @invistart in the Social Networks (at least Facebook)

How do we chose the Winner?

We will select a single winner and three reserve-winners by using the app "easypromos", which certifies a totally random and fair selection of the winners. During the first 5 labour days of October 2020 we will be extracting and processing the participants list, by properly verifying the fulfiment of the requisites, terms and conditions of the draw. We will then introduce the listing on the previously mention "easypromos" app and run the draw, so we can get the initial winner and the three reserves. In case that the initial winner doesn´t wants the price, or if we conclude that is not eligible (by commiting some kind of fraud), the price will be assigned to the first reserve winner, and so succesively. The Price will never be declared undecided, so if none of the 4 possible winners results eligible or wants the price, a new draw will be run using the same application and rules.

If I Win, How will I get my price?

Invistart will contact the winner to coordinate the envoy of the price to the selected address. We will use your contact data given during the Sign Up process, so check carefully the validity of the info. In case that the receiving address is located in Spain, Portugal or Andorra, Invistart will run with the postal costs, otherwise the winner will have to assume the costs of the envoy (postage due).

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